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Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Lessons, Scholarship Tracker, and much more.

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Alleviate the stress of having to manually apply to scholarships by using our scholarship application builder and recommendation tool.

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This plan allows access to some of the top-ranking scholarship coaches in the nation and their expertise.

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All of our courses and subscriptions come with all of the information needed to get free money to pay for school with no hassle or harsh contractual agreements.*

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This offer allows the ability to easily register and take any of our super easy free money courses. Indulge into courses such as Scholarships=Free Money all the way to Student Loan Paydowns.

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Our scholarship tracker tool will help you monitor your scholarships and keep you on track to gain the most free money. Our tools also allow for you to hold all of your important documentation such as resumes within one central portal for easy access. 

Flexible payment options

The basic plan allows for you to have flexible access to invaluable tools. You have the ability to add on courses or to upgrade to the next plan with no extra surcharge.
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Access to our Basic Plan.